It’s a deal


Friday the 6th of May, precisely at 2PM producer Martin Barth
Bergholtz and I knocked on the door. At 2:10 we viewed teaser poster
drafts. Half an hour later Martin gave me a purple pen that said “I’m
so proud of you” – and with this I signed the distribution deal for
“Dunderland”, with Euforia Film AS. A very proud moment. Believe me.

…and then there was Champagne for lunch.

The deal has been in the making for quite some time now and finalizing
over the last few days. Euforia has a very nice history both with
independent films and epic blockbusters.

The main creative team at Euforia consists of Tore Fredrik Dreyer,
Kjetil Omberg, Geir Lian, Anett Fondevik, Vibeke Skistad and Alen
Grujic. Fantastic spirit and inspiring attitude. Really looking
forward to working with our new partner.



Filming in the districts

“Dunderland” is shot entirely in the Northern part of Norway. No
studios, only real locations. The main filming location is The
Dunderland Valley, situated just below the Arctic Circle. Some scenes
are shot in the town of Mo i Rana.

The majority of Norwegian films are shot in and around the capital of
Oslo. In my opinion the least exiting place to film in the whole
Scandinavia. Taking “Dunderland” to the districts would prove to be
more difficult than expected. Producer concerns on extra costs
weighing heaviest.

Obviously we managed get pass the obstacles and shot up north as planned.

In the end, shooting in the districts turned out to be both less
expensive and more rewarding in all areas. Thanks to the great people
of Mo i Rana, we ended up with fantastic deals on cars, food, hotel,
props, extras and numerous other services.

Cinematographer Anders Nybø, replied after a week…”It’s just
amazing, the deals you’ve managed to get up here. Deals on only can
dream of getting down in Oslo”.

Let me give you a few examples…
“Bilalliansen” delivered us five brand new cars for free. “Meyergården
Hotel” gave us the deal of a lifetime worth hundreds of thousands of
Norwegian kroner in lodging. The legendary “Bimbo Veikro” (a roadside
café) provided every single dinner for the entire cast & crew
throughout the shoot. A culinary class at “Polarsirkelen VGS” (high
school) cooked warm lunch every day, with all they needed delivered
from local grocer Geir Nilsen. Both lunch and dinner with no charge.
And when snow where missing in the main street of Mo i Rana, The Mayor
and his ‘crew’ came rolling in with 30 trucks of snow ..also this: No

These are only a few examples. Believe me.

The patriotism you find in the districts are unique, and as a film
maker you wanna be surrounded by as much positive energy as possible.
It seems there is a trend coming, with more films shot elsewhere than
Oslo. Lets hope this continues. There is so much beauty, so many
fantastic locations just waiting and locals that will support you
beyond your wildest imagination.

Thank you, Mo i Rana.

As a tribute I’ve uploaded a nice aerial shot of Mo i Rana. It’s
filmed by our 2nd unit photographer Espen Gjeldsten and “Dunderland’s”
great partner “Fuglefjellet”.



The length of things


Easter came and went, with time spent in the editing suite. After four
weeks of compiling a 1st raw-draft of “Dunderland”, it was time to
measure it. Find out the duration of what we’ve made so far. Knowing
that 1st draft would be to long, it was quite a moment calculating the
whole thing.

3 hours…

Yes… Quite a smile as the number appeared in the calculator window.
This, of course, is not going to be the final running time of the
movie. But my guess was somewhat ..less.

Entering 2nd edit next week, we’ll get fresh eyes on the assembly and
advice on what needs to be tighter and what needs to go. Looking
forward to that.

Didn’t think our blue ray would feature ‘deleted scenes’ – but it it
most certainly will 🙂

Stills: Isabella Martinsen


Between takes


The screen-grab you see here is from scene 114 in “Dunderland”. It’s
an old, restored bakery in the town of Mo i Rana. Production designer
T-Michael worked on the location for quite a while, so locals might
not recognize it at first.
Anyway… This scene was shot in the final week of filming in March
this year. Cast and crew knew each other pretty well at this point,
and while waiting for some technicalities …a peculiar happening took
place. I’ll do a rough-edit and post it here in a few days. Promise.

So… a quick word on when the first teaser can be expected. We’ve had
a few questions on this topic and wish we had a straight answer for
you. As soon as we have a distributor, being more precise will be
easier. Since we’re looking on premiering in December, we don’t wanna
be too early. On the other hand.. we really wanna show you stuff, and
a 1st & 2nd draft teaser is already made and good to go. Wild guess:

Happy Easter from the editing ‘suite’


The stunt team

“Dunderland” features a few stunts. Our small but excellent stunt
team, consisting only of two people, did a fantastic job. Morten Høgli
did the most demanding snow mobile scenes and Benny Sætermo handled
the snow cat.

These images show Morten Høgli and his team, from Polaris, at a recent
event up north. They do not sense fear. Believe me.
Images shot by local stills photographer Øyvind Bratt and are featured
on-line in newspaper Rana Blad.
Høgli’s team actually won the competition. Congratulations!

Fun fact: On the last image we actually see THE snow mobile featured
in our movie.

If Snow Cat-guru Benny can do anything remotely similar with his
machine, we’ll be the first to post it.


TV 2 Norway & Dunderland

Proud to announce that today TV 2 Norway bought the TV-rights for our
feature film “Dunderland”. Yuhu!!
We’ve had a really good dialogue with TV 2 for some time now, and
finalizing today was super-brilliant.
The deal stretches over 3 years and will be screened sometime 24
months after the cinema release. A fantastic feeling.

Have a great day

Stills: Isabella Martinsen / Logo © TV 2 Norway


Coffee cameo


Good morning & good evening
As promised earlier in the blog…here is a screenshot featuring my
super fancy coffee machine. It’s Italian, named “Europiccola” and made
by ‘La Pavoni’. The machine hasn’t changed since first produced in
1961. Can’t tell you much more, but It’s got a special connection to
one of the characters in the film. Scene 53 is shot on the main
location in The Dunderland Valley, just below the Arctic Circle in
Northern Norway.

Cast featured, from left: Brage Bang, Sven Henriksen and Reidar Sørensen.

Cinematography by Anders Nybø FNF

The image has not been graded.
Screenshot from “Dunderland” © Finn-Erik & Nils Ltd. 2011


The Suite

A few images from our ‘editing suite’… It ain’t much of a suite
really. More a corner of my studio apartment at Grünerløkka in Oslo.
But the tools are premium and the material …something of it’s own.
And my vintage Italian coffee machine provides the necessary drink to
keep me going.

Fun fact: The fancy machine actually has a small, but vital ‘cameo’ in
the film. I’ll post a screen grab when I get to scene 53 ..where it’s

So anyway… Editing facilities are far from Hollywood standard. But
at this point, it’s ok. It serves the purpose and coloring/grading +
sound mix will of course be done elsewhere. It will be a fun thing to
look back at; a few films from now.

“Dunderland” contains 163 scenes. I’m currently rough-cutting number 31.

Have a great day 🙂


Another explosion


Today is day 4 of editing. Post-production on a horror movie turns out
to be much more psychotic than first expected. I see things, I hear
thing…and going to bed, I’m not even sure if I’m alone in the house
any more.

There is a dark and gloomy feel to the images, that I have trouble
putting aside by the end of the day.

As I turned on a disk this morning, the power supply blew up. Sparks,
smoke…the whole nine yards. Given my already fragile state, I felt
like a heart attack just bounced by.

We knew that editing our own film, would require ‘fresh eyes’ at some
point. A consultant that we could trust 100%. It’s with great pleasure
we welcome director & writer Magne Pettersen on board. Magne is from
Sandesjøen, in northern Norway and currently finishing 1st draft of
his feature film debut.

Mr. Pettersen has a fantastic track record of short films:

He’s connected to Zentropa Norway:…

And Magne will be our prime consultant throughout the post-production.
That feels really good.


Editing “Dunderland” – Day 1


Ok… here we go. Editing “Dunderland” day 1.

We’re set for months in front of the computers, with 95% of the scenes
ready for editing. Our editing platform is Adobe Premier CS5.
Excellent and flexible. We’ll post anything we can here in the blog,
as we go along.

The first official teaser could be expected in the late summer months,
August or September. Trailers as we get closer to releasing the film
in December.
Deadline for ‘Final Cut’ is set to November 1st 2011.

Have a nice Saturday

Stills: Fredrik Holmin