DAY 2 – Pre production

A focused, quiet and respectful day of preparations on the coming
tasks. Crew stopped, with the rest of Norway, for a minute of silence
at noon.

Early morning to night we’ve scouted locations, dressed sets and
prepared on security issues. Cinematographer Anders Nybø and companion
Nils Nesse are now running tests with the new RED EPIC camera. Images
look promising. Tomorrow we start filming. Scene is set in the summer
of 1948.

Stills by Isabella Martinsen


DAY 1 – Pre production

Given the recent events in Oslo, filming in two days seems pretty far
fetched. However it felt sort of needed to get mind on other stuff.
Life wins and in that lies something good.

So…pushing on.

Crew arriving at Meyergården Hotel today and tomorrow, by plane, train
and cars. Coming in from all parts of the country…and even from
London. All in place by 7AM tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to re-unite
with the fantastic gang. On Tuesday we roll camera again.

Take care all.


Casting – Extras


Three important scenes remains to be shot, in order to complete our
feature film “Dunderland”. The final week of shooting is just days
away. In two of the periodic scenes we’re looking for extras. Here’s
the details.

Looking for robust men. Preferably in the age 30-60.
These scenes will be shot on a remote location outside the town of Mo
i Rana, northern Norway. Dates are 29th and 30st of July.

Looking for a man between 25-35. Key word for look is: Outdoorsman.
These scenes will be shot on location in The Dunderland Valley, north
of Mo i Rana. Date is July 27th.

Cool if you send picture and a few words to our production manager
Camilla Mowinckel at:

IMAGE is from storyboard session for the above-mentioned scenes.

Have a good day all.


A Food Story

Summer is “soft news time”. A perfect opportunity to post the “between
takes”-clip I mentioned here some weeks ago. Here’s a quick breakdown
of the scenario.

Shooting film contains a decent number of hours in just waiting. After
filming for a couple of weeks we’re having a set at an old bakery.
Looking in the monitor, the frame somehow reminds me of a strange
David Lynch-ish TV-cooking show…(if he had one). Our British
lighting technician, Dan, is enjoying his time in Norway …the
extreme temperatures, the nature… but specially sampling all the
strange Norwegian food. To kill some time I tell him to get in front
of the camera, with the food, so we can study lights etc. But “Dunder
Dan” has other plans, and the camera was rolling.



Going Epic


Such a cheesy headline in this context. Couldn’t resist. Sorry 🙂

As the nerd I am.. It’s with great pride to announce that we’re
shooting the final sequences of “Dunderland” on RED’s brand new master
film camera – “EPIC”. To my knowledge, we’ll be among the first (or
even THE first) Norwegian feature film to shoot on Epic.

The need of shooting high speed in extreme resolutions was the key
pusher. Co-director and buddy Nils & I have an Epic coming, but all
good things take time. So a rental will have to do for now.

All Epic’s released up til now are hand build. Shooting as we speak is
“The Hobbit”, directed by Peter Jackson. He has got himself 30 Epic
cameras to play with. 3D and everything. Taking it as a good sign that
Epic is doing it for Mr. Jackson and his Hobbits.…

On the 24th of July we head North once again. It will be epic. In many ways now.

Believing is everything.
Have a good one.


Periodic bonanza


Only three weeks left before we head north again, for the second part
of the Dunderland-shoot. A slightly smaller crew this time. Departing
on the 25th of July and starting shoot the day after. We’re filming
scenes from 1695, 1948 and 1995. A periodic bonanza. But production
designer T-Michael is on top of things, so no doubt in my mind will
this be perfect.

Crew also looking forward to working under the midnight sun. Days of
minus 35 degrees Celsius was ‘checked’ and done with last time.

Image shows T-Michael working his magic on a bucket. 1st AD JK
Hoversholm in the back, somewhat skeptic 🙂

Have a great day all.


The composer & The Dandylion


As a kid friends told me just to turn down the sound if horror movies
got too scary. Watching any film without music is far fetched.
In “Dunderland” the music is a character itself. Formed and directed.

We’re very proud to introduce the music team for our movie.

Our composer is Raymond Enoksen. He is the composer and artistic
leader of Dreamscores, with base in Oslo. Raymond has a very strong
sound and find inspiration in such composers as Bernhard Herman,
Thomas Newman and Morricone. He’s actually from the town of Mosjøen,
which is in the same county as The Dunderland Valley. A fantastic main
theme is in place, and we’re currently playing with the different
“music-worlds” of the movie.

For the two vocal pieces we’re very proud to have Marianne Sveen on
board. Two songs, specially composed and written for “Dunderland”. One
of them is performed by herself on screen. Marianne’s artist name and
solo project is called “Dandylion”. She’s also a member of
“Katzenjammer”. One of the best on-stage groups in the world, in my
opinion. Marianne find inspiration in composers such as Gabriel Fauré,
Gustav Holst and Stravinsky. In recent years also Thomas Newman.
Marianne is just extremely talented. Think that sums it all up.

Dandylion on Twitter:

And here are the Katz:

The picture shows Marianne in her periodic 1940s costume from her
scene in “Dunderland”

Have great day all


The Ordeal of Water


The last week of July will be our final week of shooting for
“Dunderland”. 25th to 31st. Three summer scenes remain, including the
opening/prologue of the film.

This picture is from our main summer location. A gigantic pothole
which was used to perform ‘The Ordeal of Water’.

Ordeal by water was an ancient form of trial by which the accused,
tied hand and foot, were cast into cold water. An accused who sank
(and usually drowned) was considered innocent, while floating
indicated witchcraft. These were then burned at the stake.
Demonologists developed inventive new theories about how it worked.
Some argued that witches floated because they had renounced baptism
when entering the Devil’s service. Ordeal by water is associated with
the witch-hunts of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries throughout

The pothole is known as “Djupkista”, which can translate to something
like “Coffin of the deep”. This remote location can only be reached by
foot and is well hidden in the mountains of Mo i Rana. It’s also
exceptionally deep, has strange and strong underwater currents and the
color of the water seems pitch black. It’s a special place, trust me.

The Dunderland-crew is prepared and excited to work under the midnight
sun, rather than minus 30 degrees Celsius.


After The Snow

A local hiker passed the old camp in The Dunderland Valley recently.
He mailed me these photographs. Strange to see our main location
without snow. During filming temperatures ranged between minus 25 and
minus 35 degrees Celsius.

Looking at the images still gives me the creeps. There something
there. Some ..undefined, strange…’thing’… This might very well
just be in my head, but I’m not the only one who lost something there.

Anyway…It’s nice to see the snow clear out. We’re starting to
prepare for the summer part of the shoot. We’re currently looking into
July, but things are not final.

Have a good week all.

Stills: Marius Fagernes


The 1st screening


Today we had 1st screening of 1st edit of “Dunderland”, at distributor
Euforia Film. No music, no sound-work. A quite naked performance. In
the days leading up to the event, it felt like I was making my sexual
debut… with an audience. To my relief, the screening went a lot
better than my personal debut. I’ll spare you further details.

The creative team at Euforia is brutally honest. Brutal, but good.
Very good. After the screening we had a thorough feedback session.

Following the Euforia-screening Zentropa-director Magne Pettersen came
over to watch 1st edit. He acts as our main editing consultant, and is
one of few who’ve seen the assembly (all scenes put together as in
script) …which was close to 3 hours. 1st edit is down to 1 hour and
40 minutes.

Now I need to spend some days digesting all this. Then isolation with
a good plan, that’s my plan.

Yes… and one more thing.. It seems quite certain that premiere will
be January 2012, not December 2011 announced before. A definite
date is not set yet, but everything points to January.

-Image from the screening theater at Euforia Film, Grünerløkka Oslo-