123 days – The Final Cut


After 123 days of editing co-director Nils and I locked the edit at
8:06 PM today. What a feeling. Yuhu!!!
The final running time of the film, including end credits is… 1 hour
and 38 minutes.

Our editing consultant throughout the process has been director &
screenwriter Magne Pettersen. We couldn’t have done this without you.

The Teaser Trailer is also complete. It’s just over a minute long.
1:15 ..to be precise
Distributor www.euforia.no will be screening it on August 22nd at the
Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund. Really looking forward to
posting it online for you shortly after. A full trailer is scheduled
later in the fall.

Image shows actor Sven Henriksen in the role of Ulrik Horster.
Stills by Fredrik Holmin.

Now I’ll have a nice bottle of wine. The road is long, but a quiet
celebration on my own seems only right.

Have a nice evening all.