The Baby Call Incident


Good morning. Hope you all are well.
Between finishing edit, getting ready to lock-down…and breaking ‘The
Code’ on how to do the Teaser-Trailer…I just can’t stop thinking of
an incident that took place a week ago.

The filming of “Dunderland” has presented with us with happenings and
events, that we’ve failed to find logic explanations to. From
technical problems, objects shifting & moving, to locals warning us on
what “lives” up there. In Dunderland.

On Saturday the 30st of July we set out to prepare for for the last
day of filming. Day 40. A periodic piece set in the 16th century.
Location was a ‘bottomless pothole’, where witches were trialled by
the ordeal of water in the period 1570 to 1695. Since the decent to
this location was quite extreme, we set up a base camp on top. And
since cellphones had no reception, communications where done by radio.

It was a cloudy day, but still warm. The extreme workload had us
working in shifts, catching breath and refueling on water in between.
Around noon I was working my way up the steep mountainside, heading
for base camp. I was alone. After a good 15min climb I reached base
camp. Some of the extras and 4-5 of the crew were waiting. As I
approach, I find them to be very quiet…and to be frank, quite pale.
One of the girls is holding the walkie talkie. She looks at me and
tells me that a few minutes ago…sounds of a baby crying came out of
the radio. It lasted for 15-20 seconds, and everybody heard it
clearly. Then it stopped.

At first, the group didn’t know what to make of it. Then they started
thinking.. The nearest house would be at least 2-3km away and even the
worlds best baby call, don’t have that range. There were definitely no
babies on set and we were seemingly alone in the woods.

Nobody knew what to make of it. So we ‘bagged it’ …and carried on.
But the sound of that baby crying, still haunts those who heard it.

Well…just wanted to share that.. Now, back to the editing room.