It’s a wrap!


40 days of filming comes to an end. Every scene and every image is recorded.

“That’s a feature for you!”, cinematographer Anders Nybø replied after
the last take. It’s a proud and quite overwhelming feeling to have
completed our first feature film. Very few compromises have been made
and the forces of nature allowed us to capture the area at it’s

DAY 40, yesterday, was quite ‘a push’ in terms of challenges. Not much
we can show and tell, due to plot circumstances, but this is a
snapshot of the monitor on the very last take.

Crew left the town of Mo i Rana by train throughout the day. Producer,
Martin Barth Bergholtz, and I closed the production office at and left by car at 4:02 PM. We just reached
Trondheim on our way back to Oslo. A beer and some sleep, then the
last stage tomorrow.

In just 15 days we lock the edit. No more changes. The scenes from
this last week of filming will have my soul’s upright attention for
the coming two weeks.

Thank you all for a life changing experience. Good to know it’s only
the beginning. There are so many stories to be told.
Have a good night all.