DAY 5 – Preparing for the end

Just two more days of filming and then’s a wrap. For real.
Completely crazy to take in, but a fantastic feeling to be tasting.
All right. Moving on. Turning over.
Today is prep & security-day. Scenes on the final day, Saturday, do
contain some serious safety issues, both on cast & crew. Divers,
climbers and first-aid-groups are now well prepared and ready to go.

Team Hobbit, with 1st AD Dan Norrish (left) leading, had a great day
on location. Here (1st image) paired with Dunderland’s Cinematographer
Anders Nybø. Lovely couple. All images for tomorrows shoot is set.

Team Drago, our special effects unit, are currently finishing up in
their ‘McGyver-cave’. Christian Stensli (left) and Ivan Magnussen did
make magic happen last time. So…fingers crossed.

Production designer T-Michael is adding a final touch to the massive
costume-bonanza. Sun-roasting some shirts.

The final scene is set in summer of 1695. Let’s do this.