Going Epic


Such a cheesy headline in this context. Couldn’t resist. Sorry 🙂

As the nerd I am.. It’s with great pride to announce that we’re
shooting the final sequences of “Dunderland” on RED’s brand new master
film camera – “EPIC”. To my knowledge, we’ll be among the first (or
even THE first) Norwegian feature film to shoot on Epic.

The need of shooting high speed in extreme resolutions was the key
pusher. Co-director and buddy Nils & I have an Epic coming, but all
good things take time. So a rental will have to do for now.

All Epic’s released up til now are hand build. Shooting as we speak is
“The Hobbit”, directed by Peter Jackson. He has got himself 30 Epic
cameras to play with. 3D and everything. Taking it as a good sign that
Epic is doing it for Mr. Jackson and his Hobbits.


On the 24th of July we head North once again. It will be epic. In many ways now.

Believing is everything.
Have a good one.