The composer & The Dandylion


As a kid friends told me just to turn down the sound if horror movies
got too scary. Watching any film without music is far fetched.
In “Dunderland” the music is a character itself. Formed and directed.

We’re very proud to introduce the music team for our movie.

Our composer is Raymond Enoksen. He is the composer and artistic
leader of Dreamscores, with base in Oslo. Raymond has a very strong
sound and find inspiration in such composers as Bernhard Herman,
Thomas Newman and Morricone. He’s actually from the town of Mosjøen,
which is in the same county as The Dunderland Valley. A fantastic main
theme is in place, and we’re currently playing with the different
“music-worlds” of the movie.

For the two vocal pieces we’re very proud to have Marianne Sveen on
board. Two songs, specially composed and written for “Dunderland”. One
of them is performed by herself on screen. Marianne’s artist name and
solo project is called “Dandylion”. She’s also a member of
“Katzenjammer”. One of the best on-stage groups in the world, in my
opinion. Marianne find inspiration in composers such as Gabriel Fauré,
Gustav Holst and Stravinsky. In recent years also Thomas Newman.
Marianne is just extremely talented. Think that sums it all up.

Dandylion on Twitter:

And here are the Katz:

The picture shows Marianne in her periodic 1940s costume from her
scene in “Dunderland”

Have great day all