The Ordeal of Water


The last week of July will be our final week of shooting for
“Dunderland”. 25th to 31st. Three summer scenes remain, including the
opening/prologue of the film.

This picture is from our main summer location. A gigantic pothole
which was used to perform ‘The Ordeal of Water’.

Ordeal by water was an ancient form of trial by which the accused,
tied hand and foot, were cast into cold water. An accused who sank
(and usually drowned) was considered innocent, while floating
indicated witchcraft. These were then burned at the stake.
Demonologists developed inventive new theories about how it worked.
Some argued that witches floated because they had renounced baptism
when entering the Devil’s service. Ordeal by water is associated with
the witch-hunts of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries throughout

The pothole is known as “Djupkista”, which can translate to something
like “Coffin of the deep”. This remote location can only be reached by
foot and is well hidden in the mountains of Mo i Rana. It’s also
exceptionally deep, has strange and strong underwater currents and the
color of the water seems pitch black. It’s a special place, trust me.

The Dunderland-crew is prepared and excited to work under the midnight
sun, rather than minus 30 degrees Celsius.