The 1st screening


Today we had 1st screening of 1st edit of “Dunderland”, at distributor
Euforia Film. No music, no sound-work. A quite naked performance. In
the days leading up to the event, it felt like I was making my sexual
debut… with an audience. To my relief, the screening went a lot
better than my personal debut. I’ll spare you further details.

The creative team at Euforia is brutally honest. Brutal, but good.
Very good. After the screening we had a thorough feedback session.

Following the Euforia-screening Zentropa-director Magne Pettersen came
over to watch 1st edit. He acts as our main editing consultant, and is
one of few who’ve seen the assembly (all scenes put together as in
script) …which was close to 3 hours. 1st edit is down to 1 hour and
40 minutes.

Now I need to spend some days digesting all this. Then isolation with
a good plan, that’s my plan.

Yes… and one more thing.. It seems quite certain that premiere will
be January 2012, not December 2011 announced before. A definite
date is not set yet, but everything points to January.

-Image from the screening theater at Euforia Film, Grünerløkka Oslo-