It’s a deal


Friday the 6th of May, precisely at 2PM producer Martin Barth
Bergholtz and I knocked on the door. At 2:10 we viewed teaser poster
drafts. Half an hour later Martin gave me a purple pen that said “I’m
so proud of you” – and with this I signed the distribution deal for
“Dunderland”, with Euforia Film AS. A very proud moment. Believe me.

…and then there was Champagne for lunch.

The deal has been in the making for quite some time now and finalizing
over the last few days. Euforia has a very nice history both with
independent films and epic blockbusters.

The main creative team at Euforia consists of Tore Fredrik Dreyer,
Kjetil Omberg, Geir Lian, Anett Fondevik, Vibeke Skistad and Alen
Grujic. Fantastic spirit and inspiring attitude. Really looking
forward to working with our new partner.