Filming in the districts

“Dunderland” is shot entirely in the Northern part of Norway. No
studios, only real locations. The main filming location is The
Dunderland Valley, situated just below the Arctic Circle. Some scenes
are shot in the town of Mo i Rana.

The majority of Norwegian films are shot in and around the capital of
Oslo. In my opinion the least exiting place to film in the whole
Scandinavia. Taking “Dunderland” to the districts would prove to be
more difficult than expected. Producer concerns on extra costs
weighing heaviest.

Obviously we managed get pass the obstacles and shot up north as planned.

In the end, shooting in the districts turned out to be both less
expensive and more rewarding in all areas. Thanks to the great people
of Mo i Rana, we ended up with fantastic deals on cars, food, hotel,
props, extras and numerous other services.

Cinematographer Anders Nybø, replied after a week…”It’s just
amazing, the deals you’ve managed to get up here. Deals on only can
dream of getting down in Oslo”.

Let me give you a few examples…
“Bilalliansen” delivered us five brand new cars for free. “Meyergården
Hotel” gave us the deal of a lifetime worth hundreds of thousands of
Norwegian kroner in lodging. The legendary “Bimbo Veikro” (a roadside
café) provided every single dinner for the entire cast & crew
throughout the shoot. A culinary class at “Polarsirkelen VGS” (high
school) cooked warm lunch every day, with all they needed delivered
from local grocer Geir Nilsen. Both lunch and dinner with no charge.
And when snow where missing in the main street of Mo i Rana, The Mayor
and his ‘crew’ came rolling in with 30 trucks of snow ..also this: No

These are only a few examples. Believe me.

The patriotism you find in the districts are unique, and as a film
maker you wanna be surrounded by as much positive energy as possible.
It seems there is a trend coming, with more films shot elsewhere than
Oslo. Lets hope this continues. There is so much beauty, so many
fantastic locations just waiting and locals that will support you
beyond your wildest imagination.

Thank you, Mo i Rana.

As a tribute I’ve uploaded a nice aerial shot of Mo i Rana. It’s
filmed by our 2nd unit photographer Espen Gjeldsten and “Dunderland’s”
great partner “Fuglefjellet”.