The length of things


Easter came and went, with time spent in the editing suite. After four
weeks of compiling a 1st raw-draft of “Dunderland”, it was time to
measure it. Find out the duration of what we’ve made so far. Knowing
that 1st draft would be to long, it was quite a moment calculating the
whole thing.

3 hours…

Yes… Quite a smile as the number appeared in the calculator window.
This, of course, is not going to be the final running time of the
movie. But my guess was somewhat ..less.

Entering 2nd edit next week, we’ll get fresh eyes on the assembly and
advice on what needs to be tighter and what needs to go. Looking
forward to that.

Didn’t think our blue ray would feature ‘deleted scenes’ – but it it
most certainly will 🙂

Stills: Isabella Martinsen