Between takes


The screen-grab you see here is from scene 114 in “Dunderland”. It’s
an old, restored bakery in the town of Mo i Rana. Production designer
T-Michael worked on the location for quite a while, so locals might
not recognize it at first.
Anyway… This scene was shot in the final week of filming in March
this year. Cast and crew knew each other pretty well at this point,
and while waiting for some technicalities …a peculiar happening took
place. I’ll do a rough-edit and post it here in a few days. Promise.

So… a quick word on when the first teaser can be expected. We’ve had
a few questions on this topic and wish we had a straight answer for
you. As soon as we have a distributor, being more precise will be
easier. Since we’re looking on premiering in December, we don’t wanna
be too early. On the other hand.. we really wanna show you stuff, and
a 1st & 2nd draft teaser is already made and good to go. Wild guess:

Happy Easter from the editing ‘suite’