The Suite

A few images from our ‘editing suite’… It ain’t much of a suite
really. More a corner of my studio apartment at Grünerløkka in Oslo.
But the tools are premium and the material …something of it’s own.
And my vintage Italian coffee machine provides the necessary drink to
keep me going.

Fun fact: The fancy machine actually has a small, but vital ‘cameo’ in
the film. I’ll post a screen grab when I get to scene 53 ..where it’s

So anyway… Editing facilities are far from Hollywood standard. But
at this point, it’s ok. It serves the purpose and coloring/grading +
sound mix will of course be done elsewhere. It will be a fun thing to
look back at; a few films from now.

“Dunderland” contains 163 scenes. I’m currently rough-cutting number 31.

Have a great day 🙂