Another explosion


Today is day 4 of editing. Post-production on a horror movie turns out
to be much more psychotic than first expected. I see things, I hear
thing…and going to bed, I’m not even sure if I’m alone in the house
any more.

There is a dark and gloomy feel to the images, that I have trouble
putting aside by the end of the day.

As I turned on a disk this morning, the power supply blew up. Sparks,
smoke…the whole nine yards. Given my already fragile state, I felt
like a heart attack just bounced by.

We knew that editing our own film, would require ‘fresh eyes’ at some
point. A consultant that we could trust 100%. It’s with great pleasure
we welcome director & writer Magne Pettersen on board. Magne is from
Sandesjøen, in northern Norway and currently finishing 1st draft of
his feature film debut.

Mr. Pettersen has a fantastic track record of short films:

He’s connected to Zentropa Norway:…

And Magne will be our prime consultant throughout the post-production.
That feels really good.