Getting there

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A quick word after a focused period of silence.
We’re currently finishing the new edit of the film and preparing for
some closed public test screenings.
Distributor Euforia is planning to announce the new premiere date in
the end of April. We’re still looking at Fall 2012.

The new post-production team features editor Charlotte Kahn from
“Suite Dreams”, sound designer Håkon Lammetun from “Lydhodene” and
composer Raymond Enoksen at “Dreamscores”.
Consultant throughout the process has been Thomas Robsham from The
Norwegian Film Institute. Also a brilliant and experienced director

If we stay on schedule, we’re looking at completion in the end of June.
Have a good day, all – and thanks for your patience.


International attention

Good evening all.
Since the release of the first teaser, we’ve been fortunate to receive
nice attention from quite a few countries abroad. With time, we’ll be
able to tell you more on this.

Here’s a nice interview from a Polish horror-blog and a couple of
other selected posts.………

Have a good week.


Pushing the premiere

Due to various reasons we’ve decided to push the premiere away from
the holiday season and January 6th.
Pushing the premiere happens all the time in the movie industry.
We don’t have an exact new date yet, but sometime during February/March.

We’ll of course keep you posted on this.
Have a good weekend all.

**Patience is a virtue**


Friday November 18th, 9:53 PM


It took three years, but last night at 9:53 PM we finished our feature
film “Dunderland”. Cinema sound mix was done by Håkon Lammetun at
Lydhodene and some last minute visual fx by Morten Jacobsen & Jan Ivar
Solås at Storm studios. Truly excellent professionals.

Here is the official page at Filmweb:

And here we are on FB:
Norwegian –

English –


Teaser 2 will be released any day now, and the full trailer in a few weeks.
The picture above, featuring Miriam Prestøy Lie as Laura Lie, is the
first official still image released by distributor Euforia Film.
If you have anything press related, contact to the wonderful Anett
Fondevik at Euforia ( )

PS! – On November 30th we’ll be at the monthly film event “Blått
lerret” at Parkteateret, Oslo. First public screening of some clips
and a live interview with host Kalle Løchen.

The production blog has come to an end. It will soon be replaced by
the film’s official page, created by Are Vindenes at Reaktor.
Thank you all for following the development and production of “Dunderland”.
We love you 🙂

See you at the movies.

Finn-Erik & Nils

Horror school road


So… maybe it’s about time post-production is coming to an end. I see
potential EVERYWHERE.. ..even on the school road this morning.

A tremendous effort from our sound design-team, Kim-Erling Johansen &
Lise Storø, over the last few weeks. Finishing just in time this
morning. The final touch is done this week, as we head into cinema
sound mix at LYDHODENE. ( ). In charge of
operations is Håkon Lammetun. Fantastic to have them on-board.

Next Monday, on November 21st, we deliver the master. Now…that will be nice.

Have a great week, all.


First official teaser

Well… here it is. The first teaser.


Another teaser can be expected in a few weeks, and a full trailer in December.

Have a great weekend, all.


In just a few hours


Finally… Tonight we kick of the launch of our campaign. First teaser
trailer will be screened at the brand new horror film festival
“RAMASKRIK” in Oppdal, Norway. This event is only a few hours away, at
10 PM Norwegian time. Producer Martin Barth Bergholtz and Anett & Geir
from distributor Euforia is prepped and ready, far up in the cold
Norwegian mountains.

We’ll post the teaser online shortly.
Have a great evening, all.


There is something about Paul

Just since it’s Friday… A behind the scenes clip I received
yesterday. Captured by Göran Spenn on February 15th.. while filming
the interior train scenes in Bodø, northern Norway. A cold, frozen and
barren place, north of the Arctic circle. Famous for snow and wind.
Lots of it.


Back then…from the blog:

Have a creepy weekend, all.


Super weekend & festival deadlines


Five weeks to go. Master-deadline on November 1st is approaching in
high speed. And with the arrival of autumn, interesting festival
deadlines are quite a few. First one on Monday 26th of September. This
calls for a super weekend, in order to get the first
temp-copy-screener of the film ready.

The Status.
Coloring artist John Cato Finnebraathen, at “Visuals VFX Studio”, is
3/4 through the first round of grading. Image displayed here is a
screenshot from a finished part.
Sound designer Kim Erling Johansen is still working on his first round
of rough-drafts.
While composer Raymond Enoksen is the formula one driver already in
the pit, getting new tires, refueling and having a smoke. His second
complete draft of music is delivered and ready to ship.

Co-director & screenwriter Nils J. Nesse has been working on the
English translation of the film. And with the dialogue full of local
Norwegian terms and expressions, things are turning out quite lively
here in the editing suite.

But all in all…we’re on track and a temporary-copy of “Dunderland”
will be ready on Monday.
Now…poached eggs on Swedish Arctic bread and Time Wendelboe coffee
from El Salvador.

Have a great weekend, all.


A few words

With only six weeks to go, things are getting quite hectic. Final
master is due on November 1st.

First draft of the soundtrack is complete. Composer Raymond Enoksen
has done a fantastic job on a subtle, yet quite massive classical
score. Coloring/grading is well underway. Artist John Cato
Finnebraaten at is half way through his first run.
Sound work started yesterday and is supervised by Kim-Erling Johansen.

By the way… A few cult sights have posted some words on
“Dunderland”. Spreading our proud teaser poster by Alen Grujic. Quite

Distributor Euforia is launching the first teaser trailer soon. Words
on exact date will be posted as soon as we know. Promise.

Have a great day, all.